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Meet the Team | Ian Darbyshire

Ian Darbyshire

Ian Darbyshire - Accredited Crown Court Case Worker

Ian joined Morgan Brown & Company Solicitors in 2010, working all levels of case preparation. He has gained extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of criminal law having built up a reputation over 15 years in Criminal Defence. He is an accredited police station advisor & regularly represents suspects at the police station.

Ian prepares a wide range of cases including serious assaults, armed robbery, drug conspiracies and is also experienced in preparing cases relating to Proceeds of Crime and sexual offences. Ian's vast experience has led to many successful cases which have proceeded to trial including attempted murder, attempted robbery, possession of firearm and conspiracy to supply drugs. He has a passion in ensuring that people charged with criminal offences are provided with the best defence and representation possible with client care always being considered a major factor.

Notable cases

R v McManus - Successfully defended male charged with cash in transit robbery where cell site evidence challenged and the crown's case fell apart resulting in the defendants acquittal after.

R v Sufi - Successfully defended a male arrested for attempted Murder. This was a case involving a violent aggravated burglary in which men entered an address whilst the occupants were sleeping and thereafter assaulted them using firearms and knives. Serious injuries were caused.

R v Hannon & Coakley - represented four defendants in what was described by the judge as the largest drugs operation of its kind in what was described by the Judge as 'the largest operation of its kind’ in North Wales. Two of those defendants were acquitted after trial'.

R v Latouche - This defendant was accused of armed robbery after a male entered a property armed with a gun and demanded money. The defendant was acquitted.