Criminal Defence

Morgan Brown & Company Solicitors have acted in many high profile cases over the years, acting for clients charged with the most serious criminal offences, including:

– Deception
– Theft
– Robbery
– Rape
– Sexual Offences
– Drug Supply
– Attempted Murder
– Drug Importation
– Kidnapping
– Manslaughter
– Murder

The firm has a substantial reputation for the defence of cases of serious crime, which are tried before the Crown Court. The firm undertakes the detailed preparation of the defence of such cases where matters proceed to trial. This will involve a detailed assessment and examination of the prosecution case and of a clients defence, including obtaining evidence from defence witnesses and expert witnesses. Where clients plead guilty, we assist in the preparation of detailed mitigation for presentation before the Court to assist as to sentence. We advise as to Recovery of Defence Costs Orders, Orders for Prosecution Costs and Confiscation Proceedings.

The firm has a number of Solicitor Advocates who act as advocates in the Crown Court. The firm also instructs independent Barristers to act in such cases.